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South African Hunting Safaris ImagePJ Safaris is a hunting company, owned by Piet and Eugene Jansen, who have been involved in the hunting activity their whole life. From a very young age, Piet and Eugene were told to respect nature and everything within it and by spending vast amounts of time on their grandfather’s farm shooting birds, they discovered the love for hunting and by hunting they learned how to conserve and manage the nature around them.

Piet Jansen: Piet was born in Musina on 15 March 1981, through out his childhood he showed a big passion for nature and hunting. Piet went to Musina Primary School and later to Eric Louw High School where he also represented his Province in Target Shooting.

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After school Piet started to work as a Hunting area Manager and also completed his Professional Hunting Course, Enviro Guide Course and his Archery Course. Piet started as one of the youngest PH’s in the Limpopo Valley and has build up a very respectable name over the years. Piet is also a licensed Big Game Hunter with extensive experience in hunting Buffalo, Leopard, Elephant and many more.

Eugene Jansen: Eugene was born in Musina on 1 June 1982 and trough out his childhood he learned to share his passion for nature with his Brother, Piet.
Eugene also went to Musina Primary School and later to Eric Louw High School where he joined his brother in the Target Shooting team. Eugene also played Rugby for his province on school level and went to England after school to continue playing Rugby there.

The Love for nature brought him back to Africa and in 2003 Eugene also completed his Professional Hunters Course and Enviro Guide Course. Eugene started to guide hunts straight after his courses and is still doing it with passion up till today. Eugene is also a licensed Big Game Hunter.

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Piet Jansen and a client with an elephant

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Eugene Jansen with a leopard


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2018 Hunting Shows:

PJ Hunting Safaris will be attending the following hunting shows during 2018.

11 - 14 Jan ISE Hunting Show, Denver, CO
19 - 21 Jan Great Rocky Outdoor Show, Billings, Montana
26 – 28 Jan Hunting Expo, Grand Rapids, Michigan
02 – 07 Feb Hunting Presentations around Arizona
30 Jan – 04 Feb Jagt & Hunt, Dortmund, Germany
09 – 11 Feb SCI Chapter Banquet, Kansas
15 – 18 Feb HungExpo, Budapest, Hungary
14 – 18 Feb NWTF Show, Nashvill, TN
23 – 24 Feb Alaska SCI Show, Anchorage, Alaska
01 – 04 Mar Cinegetica, Madrid, Span

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PJ Hunting Safaris offers pre-issuing of your rifle’s Import Permit for free. Contact us for more details.

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